Selecting a Digital Marketing Agency

A digital marketing agency is an expert at designing and managing multichannel campaigns for ecommerce, search engine marketing and social media. It should also have experience in your industry, and its work should be backed by a track record of success. When selecting a New York-based digital marketing agency, research each company to learn about their reputation and services. Look for client testimonials, case studies and online reviews.More

Gummy candy continues to be popular with consumers. For example, a 2018 study found that cannabidiol (CBD) gummies might help people quit smoking. This prompted some candy makers to market their products as healthful. For instance, Mars has reduced hocus-pocus in its advertising and focused on promoting its websites and mobile platforms as one-stop shops for candy buyers.

Candy Marketing Unwrapped: Behind the Scenes of Online Triumphs

Despite challenges such as rising shipping costs, labor shortages and a slowdown in deliveries of commodities, most candy companies are still finding ways to boost sales. One way is by rolling out candies that are tailored to special events such as religious observations, kid-centric holidays and community celebrations.

Another way is to hand out samples of a candy at fairs, carnivals, parades, circuses and amusement parks. In addition to providing exposure, it helps to reinforce a brand’s name and logo with consumers. Many candy makers also sponsor youth sports teams, school events and business mixers to get their names out there. This can be an effective and affordable marketing strategy. In addition, the sponsorship may come with perks such as priority exposure, free advertising and speaking portions of programs.

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